Tumble Hitch

Tied as shown, the Tumble Hitch* can be made on the bight and without access to the ends of your hitching object. The end belonging to the draw loop will untie this hitch when pulled, allowing retrieval of the rope from a distance, if needed. It should be noted that having an untying mechanism where it can be accidentally pulled or snagged is not compatible with critical use.

To remember the hitch, notice that the
standing part remains passive during tying.

This hitch's stability makes it far superior to the related
Highwayman's Hitch. The Highwayman's Hitch rightly draws the scorn of knot tyers, tending to capsize to the point where the draw loop no longer functions, or coming undone under strain or motion, depending on conditions.

The Tumble Hitch can be used as a more basic, yet still jam-proof, hitch with respectable security by finishing the hitch with the free end of the rope instead of a draw loop.
*Attributed to Dan Lehman (May 31, 2003).

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