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Triple Bowline
Since triple loops are usually only rarely used (such as for an emergency body harness for two thighs and the torso), it is not a bad idea to learn one that you can remember years down the line.  The Triple Bowline fits that requirement easily.  If you know the bowline, the Triple Bowline is automatic.  You merely tie a bowline treating a long bight of line as a single rope.  The base bowline geometry creates two loops out of the doubled-up line, and the bight at the end forms the third loop.  Upon tying, it becomes immediately evident that this knot requires a large amount of rope.

A note of caution:  The Triple Bowline is not as stable as a simple bowline.  For example, the free end of the Triple Bowline is where the standing part of a bowline would ordinarily be.  To prevent the loop belonging to this end from slipping out, this free end must either be loaded or stoppered.

Another way
to make an emergency body harness is with the Midspan Sheet Bend.  First, a double loop is made for the thighs as described at the bottom of the Midspan Sheet Bend page.  Then, a Midspan Sheet Bend is used to close off a loop around the torso before leading up to the hoisting location.