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Trigger Bend
The Trigger Bend is a slipped bend that is designed to keep light pressure on the draw loop in order to permit release even under hard strain.  

If the ropes are of unequal size, use the thicker of the two ropes to form a "U" shape, shown in gray. With the thinner rope, tightly coil around the "U" shape, starting on the standing part side.  More coils may be required for slippery rope or for extreme strain.  Fewer coils may be needed for supple rope or dissimilar rope sizes.  Finish by tying a slipped overhand knot around the standing part of the mating rope as shown.  

If instant release is not required, a non-slipped finish may be employed instead.  A substitute finish of a slipped clove hitch around the standing part, as seen in a slipped buntline hitch, may be used to obtain a perpendicular release line direction, but will use more line and add complexity. 

The diagram is shown loosely tied for clarity.  Remove slack and set firmly.  Some twisting during setting is normal.

(NKI 3/16/2012)

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