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The Sheet Bend is a general utility bend valued for its simplicity yet avoided for important or severe work due to its lack of security.  It is the same general knot form of the Bowline, and can be tied in the same quick one-hand twist method that helps to prevent tying the knot incorrectly.  When line sizes aren't identical, the larger line should assume the "U"-shaped part.  Surprisingly, the Sheet Bend is not nearly as jam-resistant as the Bowline.  The Sheet Bend is also typically one of the primary knots used in net making.

In small stuff, it may be convenient to make a Sheet Bend by tying a non-slipped version of the Halter Hitch around the other line.  When the standing part and free end of the hitch is pulled, a Sheet Bend will emerge.  This procedure is described in detail for a Slipped Sheet Bend at the bottom of the Halter Hitch page.
The Double Sheet Bend is an effort to make the Sheet Bend more secure.  However, if security is important, it's probably prudent to use a Zeppelin Bend (Rosendahl Bend) instead, which also enjoys far superior jam resistance. 

Similar to the Sheet Bend and Bowline analogue, the Double Sheet Bend can be seen in the loop form in the
Double Bowline.

As has been noted with jamming characteristics, it should be noted that a bend and its loop form do not necessarily share the same security characteristics.