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Sailor's Hitch
This hitch draws up without having to work the hitch snug to form a stable, secure hitch that will not jam. It may be used as a way to tie a smaller rope to a very large rope. The smaller rope should pull left when tied as shown here. Push a bight through the final tuck to form a Slipped Sailor's Hitch.

The Sailor's Hitch, appropriately enough, can also serve as an efficient cleat hitch.

As just an interesting exercise, you might try tying this hitch (and the next) as a loop knot and see what happens.  Just loop around the rope and hitch the rope to itself.  The loop would form to the left when tied as shown here

Gripping Sailor's Hitch
Gripping Sailor's Hitch
This hitch is a modification of the Sailor's Hitch that allows a lengthwise pull on a smooth spar, even if tapered.  This hitch outperforms the Icicle Hitch in this regard. Ensure that the hitch is tight before applying the lengthwise pull.  This hitch works best if the pull is steady.  You can increase the grip by placing rubber under the hitch to increase the coefficient of friction.
cf. ABoK #1688