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Poldo Tackle (Loose)
Poldo Tackle
An interesting contrivance that allows you to instantly apply and release tension on the line.  Push the loops together to slacken, and pull the loops away from each other to tension the line.  Once it is fashioned, it can be reused without untying it, especially if there is end access to the anchor points  The first diagram is shown very loose for clarity. 

Use any loop you wish for the ones shown above.  For a Poldo Tackle
on the bight, make loops with a Midspan Sheet Bend.

The Poldo Tackle will not generate as much tension as a
Versatackle, but it can be used to slowly lower a load.  Excessive motion can overcome the friction of the Poldo Tackle and cause it to lengthen out to its maximum span, so it works best in static situtations

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