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These quick, clean-tying, general utility hitches are both slipped hitches, where a bight of rope is tucked as shown by the blue arrows.  This allows a tug of the free end to spill the hitch.

The Siberian Hitch is a variant of the Halter Hitch that involves an extra twist of the Halter Hitch's first bight.  Both hitches may capsize under demanding conditions.  

A Slipped Buntline Hitch and its variants are more stable and secure, however the above two hitches will introduce less twist between the two parts of rope when tied in the middle of a rope.  Like the Tumble Hitch, the Halter Hitch and Siberian Hitch can be made on the bight and without access to the ends your hitching object, shown below.
Halter Hitch Without Any Ends
 Halter Hitch Without Any End Access
A Halter Hitch tied around another rope can be collapsed to form a Slipped Sheet Bend.  The other rope should come from the left if tied as shown in the first diagram.  This procedure is not recommended for the Siberian Hitch.

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