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Cat's Paw on a Hook
This hook hitch doesn't have to be used on a hook, but it does work best when the pull is coming from both ends of the rope.

The key advantage of using the Cat's Paw is that it evenly distributes the force over two loops, with a gentle curvature in the most heavily loaded portions of the rope.  It's also fairly simple to tie and won't jam up.  Grasp two
bights and hold them well apart.  Twist three full turns with both hands (toward you or away from you), clap the bights together and place them over the hook.

This hitch can be easily tied on a ring, shown below, by starting with a Cow Hitch and then tumbling the ring between the two eyes of the Cow Hitch until the desired number of twists is achieved.
Tumbling Ring Method

Tumbling Ring Method of Tying

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