Bull Hitch
Also known as the Piwich knot, the Bull Hitch has perhaps its best utility as a ring hitch on the bight.  It starts out with the Cow Hitch that most people know how to tie automatically, but provides a more stable and wiggle-resistant attachment.  Although the diagram shows the ring being tucked down in the final step, you could also tuck the ends of the rope upward through the same opening if you have access to the ends of the rope.

The Bull Hitch can be tied onto a post, shown below for reference, but tends to jam or distort when one end is pulled hard, so you'll likely be better off opting for
other hitches.  This second method of tying starts off with a Cow Hitch in the air with one "ear" larger than the other.  The larger ear is rotated 360 degrees about a vertical axis, over and around the smaller ear.